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    • Good Advice
    • True wisdom knows
      it must comprise
      some nonsense
      as a compromise,
      lest fools should fail
      to find it wise. (Piet Hein) 

To make it clear the second image Motto is NOT for Ethan Siegel


Actually this is a message to physicist Ethan Siegel following the paper committed recently by him:

Dear Ethan,


I am your faithful reader, I like almost anything you are publishing in the Science Blogs, I admire 
a) your knowledge in physics, 
b) your logic,and 
c) your connection to the universal culture- the context of your writings.

In contrast with these is my following reaction to your recent paper re Cold Fusion/LENR:

Is Cold Fusion Feasible? Or Is It A Fraud?

It was published also in Forbes and it generates lots of echo-papers and citations given you are an authority in Physics and your words have weight and impact. However  being an authority means also having a serious responsibility and therefore I am writing now this letter to you.

The history of our dispute re LENR Cold fusion.

See please this blog issue dedicated to your former Cold Fusion paper from 2014:


You can find other consideration re your ideas regarding Cold fusion here:

Critic of your paper

a) Obviously the paper is an half assed opus in which you have invested neither documentation nor creativity it has exactly the same logical structure and content as your former paper:
Throwback Thursday: the Foolish Fallacy of Cold fusion

b) You have now re-used your story A similar to story B, story A ended badly ergo story B will end badly too trick from the former paper now and the Kempelen Farkas
Turk chess player makes some>40% of the paper AGAIN. I considered it ab ovo irrelevant for any scam, it was a proof of a genius inventor and a genius chess player
and of the marvels of mechanics plus it had humor. A bad choice of you, belonging to both the Hungsrisn snd Romanian language based cultures, I have a very positive vision of the story well described in the Wikipedia.
I guess you are a passionate of chess, so I am too see please:


c ) It seems you strongly dislike the idea of Cold Fusion per se, and you take it literally as fusion at low temperatures- it is more friendly to use its newer name,more realistic Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. Recently a very important study has demonstrated the existence (but not yet the usability) of LENR- 


It is not fair to ignore this, as well as the rich LENR classic literature star
ting e.g. with Edmund Storms' second book:


Or take a look to the program of the coming ICCF20- in Japan and China.
LENR exists and is alive.
However it is not prosperous nad the main point of this message is to explain you- nd not only to you the reasons for the nedemic howawever curable development problems of LENR.


The birth and early history of Cold Fusion is/are  not well understood, even and in a sense, mainly in the LENR community which is tragically fragmented, divided and recently (2011) -split. In April 2016 a local civil war has started there.

The start was as unlucky possible the broad phenomenon being discovered at a bad time, in the worst place possible, in an underdeveloped form by two geniuses having an improper profession for this great discovery- electrochemists. In the Fleischmann Pons Cell, Cold Fusion was drowned in (heavy) water and constrained to work at temperatures less than that of boiling water. The Cell has shown beyond any doubt the very existence of excess heat in amounts  greater than chemistries of all kind could explain however has worked in self-limited conditions, the phenomenon being weak, unreliable and of rather short duration. The alternatives as Piantelli's NiH were marginalized and considered as heretic. The competition of Hot Fusion and the theoretical impossibility of low temperature fusion by linearly thinking physicists have lead to the fast conversion of LENR in a pariah science; unfortunately science was unable to inspire emancipatory strong results.
The truth- PdD a la Fleischmann and Pons is not a complete, optimal form of LENR was and is not recognized. LENR has heroically survived despite its debility due t the heroic efforts and admirable creativity of its faithful experimenters. A great variety of theories  have been published but their connection to the experimental progress is -euphemistically speaking- vague.
So our Pechvogel science had a very unhappy youth being not able to solve basic problems as understanding of identity and nature, intensification, reproducibility, scale up... The Physicists have claimed that LENR belongs o them- and i dare to think this is an other unlucky factor.
Being a Pechvogel myself living in an oppressive society, having tragic family problems, fighting for survival- I could not dedicate my actiivity to experiments and when I could in principle it was too late and i too old.
But I was free to think and to tell what I think as now based on the results of my colleagues to whom I am deeply grateful.
My approach was of a technologist and a problem solver my dream is that LENR will be the energy source of the future.
So in 1992 I made a review of the existent data and have concluded that cold fusion includes a catalytic phase, takes place in active sites, and these depend on the dynamics of the surface metal  atoms  (surfdyn):

  It was later published  in Fusion Technology, but due to my Pechvogel nature it went unnoticed.
Then in the very first issue of Infinite Energy I have concluded that due to the unexpectedness, strangeness, complexity  and extreme difficulty of Cold Fusion cannot be solved by science (read for then- physics) alone, without the direct contribution of technology

[9] “Why Te[chnology First?” 
Infinite Energy 1s tissue, March-April 1995, p 26

A blasphemous, unpopular idea - it exists a cult of the Scientific Method, no shortcuts are admitted.

OK, years have elapsed progress was incremental. Then in 20111 Rossi- an entrepreneur and inventor has arrived with his claim of enhanced excess heat. 
It was bad luck or else that no insider LENR-ist found a solution.
The rest of the story is very complex- Rossi's 1 year 1MW experiment is now denied by Industrial Heat and a trial is in full development. I am convinced that Rossi's data are valid- his long time test a success. Rossi' has opened new horizons to LENR
at higher temperatures(up to 1400C) tyhe Surfdyn effect makes excess heat from additive to multiplicative. But it is not easy!
However only the first commercial generators on the market will bring certainty and the conversion of LENR from a Pechvogel in a regular science technology with a great future..

The conclusion of the Siegel paper.

"This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re lying, that LENR is impossible or that there’s fraud going on. But it isn’t the job of science to prove that someone is fooling us; it’s the job of a good scientist to prove to the world that we aren’t fooling ourselves when we make an extraordinary claim. As soon as that bar is cleared — and that starts with the people working on this making an extraordinary effort to demonstrate that bar is cleared — we can promote LENR or cold fusion to the realm of real, robust and incredible science. But until that day, we should all remain skeptical."

It says nothing, but it says it well.
I think and hope, somewhere in the near future a dialog with Ethan will be possible-
if he wants to take real responsibility for his statements about LENR.


1) The Energy 2.0 Society/ LENR 101
Date:September 23, 2016
Source:Cornell University
Multiferroics -- materials that exhibit both magnetic and electric order -- are of interest for next-generation computing but difficult to create because the conditions conducive to each of those states are usually mutually exclusive. And in most multiferroics found to date, their respective properties emerge only at extremely low temperatures. Now researchers have combined two non-multiferroic materials, using the best attributes of both to create a new room-temperature multiferroic.
Closing in on high-temperature superconductivity

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1-Political language... is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. (George Orwell)

2- He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past. (George Orwell)

3- The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world. Lies will pass into history. (George Orwell)

4- If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear. (George Orwell)

5- War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. George Orwell

6- But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought. 
 (George Orwell)

7- Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”(George Orwell)

8- Big Brother is Watching You. (George Orwell)  


I really hate contributing to the popularity of the IH propagandists. Actually they lack both effectiveness and efficiency, they are more annoying than dangerous. Some people still takes them seriously so I will write about them- avoiding adjectives as much as possible because I will not descend to their level. The problem is that they are trying to play Big Brother. to my dislike.

I know too well their methods, mode of thinking, mentality because I have lived  many years in an Orwellian society. I have read '1984' and lived it.

First please (re)read my classic:
You must do the impossible if the Boss says it! You must believe the impossible is it is in the favor of our boss!

An other Orwellian story I lived was 
see please about my communist kangaroo court and the instructive story of the florentine vessel

One unforgettable meeting with a communist Party activist; we started to manufacture plasticizers for PVC- they are made by esterification of an organic biacid (actually used phtalic anhydride) with increasingly heavy (more C atoms) alcohols. The most important alcohol, C8- 2-ethyl-hexyl was then very expensive
and the Party activist has instructed us to reduce the specific consume- you must do it use less with 25% each year! You (me, the technologist) will be responsible, have you understood tovarishch engineer?
I told him calmly that this is fine just impossible, it is about a chemical reaction
that follows the laws of Nature!
He got simply mad and has explained shouting and with a vocabulary that would make even my opponents of today to blush. that the decisions, directives of the Party have priority over everything- stupid laws of Nature, burzhui chemistry, perverse logic, coward thinking- so I should shut up and do my duty, otherwise... allusions to the my "class enemy" character and past. (my parents were not poor)

With amazement and an easy taste of horror I observe the same oppressive thinking at the propagandists of IH in the Rossi vs. Darden conflict- in the frame of an Internet campaign aiming to help the legal issue. No, I am a not exaggerating a bit; Jed snd Abd's fans should be listen carefully to what I will tell.

Please keep the 7 Mottoes- Orwell quotes in mind.

The most recent discussion can be found here:

To take it shortly I had a dispute with Jed Rothwell re three main proofs of IH for their scenario of the Test- no het, scam, conspiracy, evil Rossi etc.

The first dispute now in the stage of total madness is about the flowmeter.
Jed has told officially he has seen the schematics of the Plant. Therefore I have asked him:

_ Where was the flowmeter in the diagram of the Plant?  Answer

I told you already! Time after time I told you. You never listen. It is in liquid water, which means it has to be between the condenser and the reservoir. Where else could it be?
You don't need me to tell you this. You could have figured it out yourself, from the flow meter specifications. That meter will not work in steam. So if there really is steam between the reactor and condenser (repeat) 

OK, this is orwellian elimination of logic and blatant illiteracy in matter of (chemicaL) engineering. The flowmeter CAN NOT BE THERE  and was not
a) becaus e it does not work in that place, the flowmeter with moving parts needs a minimum of 3 barr pressure, or a column of 30 meters height to work. This is the reason for which it is where it is, between the pump and the ECats; 

b) It has absolutely no reason to be where Jed said it was,- suppose it measures the flow of warm water returning from the customer to the reservoir, but in the same time water from that reservoir is sent by the pump to be converted in steam, so the measured flow is not relevant- but also not measurable with this type of instrument.

I have Jed to send me the diagram  with the flowmeter in that absurd place:
The answer was:

You would not believe it even if I sent you the diagram. You would say I drew the diagram myself, and it did not come from Rossi. You will believe what you want to believe, no matter what I say. You will believe whatever Rossi tells you, no matter how impossible it may be.

Cheap trick but he surely has no authentic diagram- but he can perfectly anticioate what I will do! The same newspeak as with the ERV Report he received from Rossi by error but a strict NDA obliges him to hide the document - any half brained could see it shows no excess energy (but IH has not seen it), A cobweb of fantasies- lies can have creative value but these fuzzy things no.

Jed also tells about the warehouse having no ventilation. Why not? Any normal warehouse has ventilating but this one was made to prove no energy there? 
The photos of the JM space are not taken from inside and not the complete roof can be seen so it cannot say if it was or was not ventilation. It is no proof.

Jed is surprisingly misinformed- in many respects, has no idea about the JM space and energy consuming method activity but as a good Orwellian character all his wishes and guesses and imaginations are certainties. The director of JM, Jim Bass was a ghost now it is real but Jed knows better. He changes the past and creates new realities.

Enough for today but I will continue- I bet Jed and later Abd will not like  and will deny being orwellian oppressors.

Going to watch a bit TV- the Gastro-Angel at Duna TV

1) ICCF20 Poster Presentations

1-Orchideh Azizi SKINR, Univ. Missouri, USA
Effect of mercury on the kinetics and mechanism of hydrogen/ deuterium loading into palladium in alkaline solution

 2- Francesco Celani INFN-LNF, Italy
The Zitterbewegung interpretation of quantum mechanics as theoretical framework for Ultra Dense Deuterium and Low Energy Nuclear Reactions

3- William Collis ISCMNS, Italy
Minimal Exotic Neutral Particle Models

4)-Volodymyr Dubinko NSC KIPT, Ukraine
Radiation-induced formation of localized anharmonic vibrations as a method to trigger LENR A

 5- George Egely Egely Ltd., Hungary
Influencing Radioactivity via Transmutation A

6-  Arik El-Boher SKINR, Univ. Missouri,
USA Final report on SKINR replication experimental program to seek excess heat using Ni powders mixed with LiAlH4 and free Li under high temperature Hydrogen gas

7- Max Fomitchev-Zamilov Quantum Potential Corporation, USA Neutron Synthesis via Arc Discharge in Low-Pressure Hydrogen Plasma: Successful Replication of Earnest Sternglass Experiment

8- I.V.Goryachev Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia Implementing Innovative Technologies for Cleaning Sea Areas from Solid Pollution

9- Robert Greenyer Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project, United Kingdom Live Open Science, experience in LENR research and techniques for future application to advance the scientific method

10- P. L. Hagelstein Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA Statistical mechanics models for PdHx and PdDx

12- Philippe Hatt Independent, Belgium
Cold Nuclear Transmutations Theoretical models of atom nuclei

13- Philippe Hatt Independent, Belgium
Cold Nuclear Transmutations Structural Anomaly of Palladium Nucleus

 14-  T. Itoh Tohoku University, Japan
Pd, Se, Zr Transmutation Experiments induced by D2 gas permeation with the nano-sized Pd complexes

14Lutz Jaitner, Germany
Condensed Plasmoids – The Intermediate State of LENR

15- Andrew Meulenberg Science for Humanity Trust, Inc., USA
Physical reasons for rejecting arguments against Deep-Dirac Levels - Physical reality vs mathematical models in LENR

 16-Melvin H. Miles University of LaVerne, USA
The Eyring Rate Theory Applied To Cold Fusion

17- Hidemi Miura Independent, Japan
States of Hydrogen, Oxygen or Magnesium Atom in or with Cubic Ice Crystal-like Water Clusters

18- David J. Nagel The George Washington University, USA
Gas-Phase Nickel Hydrogen Experiments in Nickel Tubes in a Furnace

19- David J. Nagel The George Washington University, USA
Electrical Noise Spectroscopy of LENR Electrochemical Cells

20- David J. Nagel The George Washington University, USA
Production of Clean Water by using Energy from LENR

21- Ken Naitoh Waseda University, Japan

A new physical theory for describing and stabilizing cold fusion

NOTE- for me of special interest No.6 and 18.

2) LENR 101 Part 1 Origins of Cold Fusion

3) LENR 101 Part 2 – The Rossi Effect

4) LENR 101 Part 4 Questions and Answers

5) LENR Test Kit, MK .1 Model T : What's In The Box & Assembly :Part

 (-) Ethan Siegel's famous paper- on its regular place- Science Blogs

6) A German language Forum;
LENR- niederenergetische Reaktionen


X-ray laser glimpses how electrons dance with atomic nuclei in materials\

Date:September 22, 2016
Source:SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
The coupling between electrons and phonons determines how efficiently solar cells convert sunlight into electricity. It also plays key roles in superconductors that transfer electricity without losses, topological insulators that conduct electricity only on their surfaces, materials that drastically change their electrical resistance when exposed to a magnetic field, and more.

Combining the elements palladium, ruthenium for industry
Date:September 21, 2016
Source:National Institute for Materials Science
For a long time, researchers have thought that combining palladium and ruthenium could lead to improved and novel properties for industrial applications. However, the two elements do not readily mix together to become a single material.


Science has next to nothing to say about moral intuitions

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Therefore mainly by repetition you can learn the high art of nagging even tormenting people with lowly lies. (ask Joseph Goebbels)


Some quite interesting news till now and more coming (not all good) so I decided to not discuss today here with my overly repetitive opponents, obviously after a (two) small nice chats at the LENR Forum now dominated by them. The Mottoes are dedicated to them. They want to make me unhappy, I am making them happy, I have a good heart.

So dear friendser and let's focus together on the promise of MFMP's Bob Greenyer (2) and on the tricky CF killer paper by Ethan Siegel.(6)


1) Q&A Why the controversial science of cold fusion is getting hot again

4) LENR Studying the Rossi Effect in the Basement or Garage by Brian Albiston

5) A method of producing excessive heat output cyclic outbreaks in the titanium powder. Andrei Khrishchanovich

6) Ethan Siegel is back:
Is Cold Fusion Feasible? Or Is It A Fraud?

7) LENR Fanning the New Fire by Bob Greenyer


Only the abstract!
The road towards polaritonic devices                                                                                      

  • Daniele Sanvitto
  • Stéphane Kéna-Cohen

  • Polaritons are quasiparticles that form in semiconductors when an elementary excitation such as an exciton or a phonon interacts sufficiently strongly with light. In particular, exciton–polaritons have attracted tremendous attention for their unique properties, spanning from an ability to undergo ultra-efficient four-wave mixing to superfluidity in the condensed state. These quasiparticles possess strong intrinsic nonlinearities, while keeping most characteristics of the underlying photons. Here we review the most important features of exciton–polaritons in microcavities, with a particular emphasis on the emerging technological applications, the use of new materials for room-temperature operation, and the possibility of exploiting polaritons for quantum computation and simulation.


     I liked this writing by Harold Jarche:
    carpe diem

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    For me, strategy comprises no compromises with Evil...

    Writing the history of LENR....


    The essence about the 1MW/1year Plant

    The Romanian proverb :"Unde dai si unde crapa" tells actually about when hitting a wood with an axe in a place it splits in an other place.  English equivalents could be "Barking at the wrong tree" or ' Bringing a knife to a gunfight" - anyway all speak about something unexpectedly inadequate. This has happened to me with my editorial of yesterday about the remarkable shoddiness of the 27 Exhibits of IH-
    their unfitness for use, lack of order, unprofessional character, disorganisations, bantam-weightness as proofs in the Trial.
    As a rather rational human being, I have expected natural reaction from the IH supporters- a wave of indignation and systematic campaign of contradicting me, fair and documented demonstration of the high virtues of those Exhibits- showing that I am in deep error, unable to appreciate value and effectiveness.
    But surprise... instead this , I got a lot of information about my own person, not all very positive as I am:
    - not humble or kind, (I told that I am not humble);
    - a pain in the butt and was so for the last 21 years
    - egotistical, and a damned ingrate.
    - a disgrace to engineering.
    - displaying classic dysfunctional responses
    - my world was turned up by the truly devastating (which?) evidence - probably against excess heat in the E-Cats,
    I also have completely ruined my reputation at CMNS (but I still can hope to regain
    a part if if joining the Good Party and moving from the Rossi Planet.)  
    Suddenly I have understood that my next job application is in great peril! No decent company will hire me, alas!

    Except an increasingly pathological support for the myth of half full pipes , nothing relevant and GOOD about the Exhibits.

    These people say Rossi is lying. It is put too simple- if Rossi is lying., then necessarily there was a truth and Rossi says something different. But we need to know the truth- the essence of the 1MW1year experience.
    I hope that for this analysis we could agree that 
    a) the Plant was real,
    b)  the Plant has worked or successfully mimicked working (no complains were recorded except messages  to my opponent);
    c) the basic document of the action- the ERV Report is not known outside the Parties
    d) Only the Rossi Leonardo party knows how the produced energy was consumed, the Darden - Industrial Heat Party denies that any excess energy was ever produced in the Plant
    e) the analysis must be logically consistent i.e. what has happened in the Plant must match what has happened at the Customer- in harmony
    The story of Rossi-Leonardo was told starting Feb 2015 to Feb 2016
    The NEW story of Darden-Industrial Heat was told starting with the start of the trial and is a retro story discovering the past,

     Rossi Leonardo  Corp. says;
    1MW was produced in the plant for 352 days, COP>50, parameters in the ERV Report
    and consumed by the Customer by methods to be revealed in time to the Court not in the Forumosphere. Excess heat , massive yes, technical and maintenance problems yes- but solved in time. Task accomplished, contract respected, payment denied by IH and Co.- ergo trial started.

    What do you, IH supporters say? What has happened during the 352 of the Test.
    When and how it was revealed  what happened?  Please try to be logically consistent and if you contradict the story of above, give proofs, not suppositions. OK? 
    Try to think as Homo faber, not as Homo blah-blahensis!


    1) Catalytic mechanism of LENR in quasicrystals based on localized anharmonic vibrations and phasons
    # Volodymyr Dubinko 1 , Denis Laptev 2 ,Klee Irwin 3 , 
    1 NSC “Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology”, Ukraine 
    2 B. Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering, Ukraine 3Quantum Gravity Research, Los Angeles, USA 
     Quasicrystals (QCs) are a novel form of matter, which are neither crystalline nor amorphous. Among many surprising properties of QCs is their high catalytic activity. We propose a mechanism explaining this peculiarity based on unusual dynamics of atoms at special sites in QCs, namely, localized anharmonic vibrations (LAVs) and phasons. In the former case, one deals with a large amplitude (~ fractions of an angstrom) time-periodic oscillations of a small group of atoms around their stable positions in the lattice, known also as discrete breathers, which can be excited in regular crystals as well as in QCs. On the other hand, phasons are a specific property of QCs, which are represented by very large amplitude (~angstrom) oscillations of atoms between two quasi-stable positions determined by the geometry of a QC. Large amplitude atomic motion in LAVs and phasons results in time-periodic driving of adjacent potential wells occupied by hydrogen ions (protons or deuterons) in case of hydrogenated QCs. This driving may result in the increase of amplitude and energy of zero-point vibrations (ZPV). Based on that, we demonstrate a drastic increase of the D-D or D-H fusion rate with increasing number of modulation periods evaluated in the framework of Schwinger model, which takes into account suppression of the Coulomb barrier due to lattice vibrations. In this context, we present numerical solution of Schrodinger equation for a particle in a non-stationary double well potential, which is driven time-periodically imitating the action of a LAV or phason. We show that the rate of tunneling of the particle through the potential barrier separating the wells is enhanced drastically by the driving, and it increases strongly with increasing amplitude of the driving. These results support the concept of nuclear catalysis in QCs that can take place at special sites provided by their inherent topology. Experimental verification of this hypothesis can open the new ways towards engineering of nuclear active environment based on the QC catalytic properties. 

    2) Rossi Working to Resolve QuarkX Safety Issues

    3) Congress Is Suddenly Interested in Cold Fusion (LENR)

    4) Andrea Rossi rottura definitiva con la Industrial Heat

    5) Video from Andrei Petrovich from Zaporozhe

    Видео от Андрея Петровича из Запорожья

    First video:
    A method of producing excessive heat output cyclic outbreaks in the titanium powder.
    Second video:
    Variety of high-frequency discharge in hydrogen
    author is Andrei Khrishchanovich, known for my Readers

    6) A THREAD The "Licensed Patents" and Non-publication Requests

    7) Actually this is the Introduction to the Hungarian language interview made by Zoltan Rausch with the researcher Lakatos Erno:
    Bevezetés a LENR-be - előzetes

    8) From Andrea Rossi's web-site

    Hank Mills
    September 21, 2016 at 10:30 PM

    Dear Andrea,

    1 – Are the micro-cavities produced during the baking and processing of your fuel visible with an optical microscope or is a SEM required?

    2 – Will the baking process that produces micro-cavities on the surface of nickel powder produce the same or similar features on the surface of a nickel wire?

    3 – Have you detected the presence of alpha particles (or helium atoms after losing their kinetic energy) inside or being emitted from a Quark?

    4 – What is the most unexpected event you have ever observed or detected while monitoring an active Quark?

    5 – Will you ever show us a zoomed in image of a micro-cavity or “reaction site” in a future paper written by yourself or with another author (such as Dr. Cook)?

    6 – Do you feel that hydrogen/lithium is the most optimum fuel for an LERN system in terms of MeV released per reaction and lack of harmful or ionizing emissions?

    7 – Have you allowed any third party scientist, not an employee of Leonardo Corporation, to observe a test of a Quark?

    8 – Are there any complexities in the construction of a Quark that would inhibit automated manufacturing of the device?

    9 – Are you satisfied with the heat resistant materials you are utilizing in the Quark, or are you searching for better materials?

    Thank you.

    Hank Mills

    Andrea Rossi
    September 22, 2016 at 6:16 AM

    Hank Mills:
    1- a SEM is required
    2- n.a.
    3- n.a.
    4- very high temperature
    5- yes
    6- n.a.
    7- yes
    8- no
    9- n.a.
    Warm Regards,

    9) In Norwegian- a  photo of E-Cat X

    11) Thanks to Max Nozin!
    Method of excitation of nuclear reaction in titanium


    Is science only for the rich?
    Around the world, poverty and social background remain huge barriers in scientific careers.
    21 September 2016